Amidst the constantly evolving international landscape and the emergence of new markets, international trade is at a crossroads, facing opportunities and challenges for a reshuffle. Concurrently, rapid technological advancements and the flourishing digital economy are driving a profound transformation in the global economic framework. Against this backdrop, the timing of the 2024 Canada Spring Economic and Trade Summit could not be more suitable.

The highly anticipated 2024 Canada Spring Economic and Trade Summit, organized by Canada Xinflix Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce under Xinflix Media Group as well as Destination Markham, and co-organized by the Justin Poy Agency,  is about to commence on May 8th, 2024 in the city of Markham. This grand event, packed with valuable content and industry leaders, is scheduled to run for 3 days from May 8th to May 10th.

At last year’s autumn summit, significant economic impacts and worldwide influence were achieved. Notable involvement included opening address by Ms. Mary Ng, Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development, participation from Ms. Wang Linda, Chairman of Beijing Yihai Group, as well as the involvement of consuls general and commercial representatives from multiple countries including South Korea and Spain, and endorsements from the cultural and artistic community like TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey.

The upcoming 2024 Spring Summit will focus on four major themes that explore new opportunities, challenges, and perspectives in economic and trade development and welcome the new chapter of the global economy.

Theme One: Boundless Investment Opportunities in Canada

At a delicate turning point in the world economy, where national conflicts divide the world on one hand, the explosion of new technologies and the digital economy on the other is propelling the global economy towards a more open, reciprocal, and greener direction. Canada, with its stable political environment, advanced technological foundation, and rich natural resources, presents itself as an attractive investment destination.

Leveraging its significant influence in Canada, the Canada Xinflix Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce proudly houses multi-industry local resources and unparalleled connections within Canada’s political and economic realms.The Chamber has established high-quality business connections through a plethora of events and activities, and numerous entrepreneurs have discovered new investment and collaborative opportunities during our regular business roadshow events.

FoodsUp supply chain project successfully secured funding at Xinflix Entrepreneur Club’s Business Roadshow events

Well-known companies from the Western community, Harbour and Safety Strips, participated in the Entrepreneurs Club Business Roadshow events

2024 Canada Spring Economic and Trade Summit will further enhance the Chamber’s role as an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their projects.Participants, including international investors and business leaders, will have the opportunity to delve deep into Canada’s investment environment and experience the unique Canadian business circles firsthand. Entrepreneurs and investors will engage in active discussions, explore diversified investment channels including stocks, bonds, real estate, tourism, and green energy, and therefore seize the abundant business opportunities within the Canadian market.

We firmly believe this summit will facilitate economic and trade cooperation between Canada, China, and various other countries and serve as a vital opportunity for mutual development. We warmly welcome interested individuals to actively participate in various projects, whether it’s for investment, financing, or seeking partnerships. The summit’s resources will meet the diverse needs of participants and allow everyone to share in the dividends of economic development and enjoy the future of economic prosperity.


Theme Two: New Opportunities in World Development

As the global economic production and labour market undergo realignment, the development of emerging markets is profoundly altering the world economic landscape. Canada’s North American neighbours, blessed with unique natural resources and favourable conditions for economic growth, are becoming new engines of global economic growth under government investment incentives. The open policies of these countries are creating limitless opportunities and significantly impacting the economic prosperity of North America and the world at large. The 2024 Canada Spring Economic and Trade Summit aims to provide a platform for such developmental opportunities to discuss business prospects and offer support.

At the 2023 autumn summit, consulates and consuls from countries such as Turkey, Grenada, Greece, and Guyana were invited to share development progresses and investment opportunities in their home countries. The spring summit will continue this tradition and invite consuls from various countries in Central, South, and North America, as well as presidents of different ethnic chambers of commerce. They will share their countries’ business policies and experiences of different ethnic groups in the Canadian market, covering trade, tourism, human resources, immigration policies, and local investment regulations. This not only offers Canadian local businesses valuable international cooperation and exchange opportunities, but also showcases the immense potential and limitless business opportunities of Canada and the North American market to overseas investors.

Business leaders and organizations are also welcome to express their cooperation intentions to the organizers and their desire to connect with different countries and ethnic communities. The summit will actively seek communication and cooperation channels and opportunities for everyone and continuously promote economic and trade development. We believe the 2024 Spring Economic and Trade Summit will serve as a catalyst for economic development in the first half of the year and a bridge and bond for global communications.


Theme Three: New Business Opportunities in the Asian Market

In this rapidly evolving era, contemporary commerce is undergoing unprecedented changes, with new models of online and digital economy emerging as leading forces in industry development. Asia, being a crucial engine for global economic growth, stands at the heart of this transformation. Its immense market potential and innovative vigour are drawing worldwide attention.

Leveraged by years of connections and profound cooperation with governments and organizations across Asia, the Canada Xinflix Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce will invite businesses from various sectors and political figures from different countries to participate in this grand Economic and Trade Summit.

Understanding the Asian market is an inevitable trend to grasp the future economic development. Face-to-face interactions and discussions on cooperative opportunities with partners from the Asian region represent invaluable opportunities for global business development. With the enthusiastic support of various enterprises and chambers of commerce, we believe the summit will gather resources and insights from all sides, promote the latest business models and directions, and share the dividends of cooperation and development.

James Wang, Chairman of Xinflix Media Group with Xu Qiang, Chief Representative of China Council For the Promotion of International Trade Representative Office in Canada

Theme Four: Transformation and Opportunities in the Canadian Real Estate Market

In the era of high interest rates, the Canadian real estate market is undergoing significant transformations, shifting from low-density communities to high-density condominium communities. This represents not only a more efficient, eco-friendly, and intelligent living environment but also brings about new investment opportunities. How to respond to these changes and continue real estate investment in Canada are the main subjects of this summit.

The 2024 Canada Spring Economic and Trade Summit will invite experts and guests from the Canadian real estate industry to give speeches and engage in deep discussions. They will analyze the policy trends of the Canadian real estate market in detail and explore how to adapt to these changes and continue investing in real estate with the attendees.

Promotion of Markham’s Tourism Industry

Thanks to the tremendous success of the 2023 Autumn Economic and Trade Summit, the 2024 Spring Autumn Economic and Trade Summit will join hands with Destination Markham to drive the development of Markham’s tourism industry and showcase Markham’s unique city charm and limitless potential.

During the summit, we will present Markham’s rich tourism resources, outstanding urban construction achievements, and the broad prospects of economic and trade cooperation to guests from around the world. We firmly believe that Markham, as an important city in Canada, will attract global attention with its unique cultural charm and economic vitality, becoming a hotbed for international cooperation.

Deputy Mayor of Markham Michael Chan, Mayor of Richmond Hill David West, Chairman of World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association Gook Ho Lee, Deputy Mayor of Richmond Hill Godwin Chan, and CEO of Xinflix Media Group Patrick Hung

The 2024 Spring Economic and Trade Summit not only carries in-depth discussions on economic and trade development trends but also bears the important mission of promoting international cooperation and jointly seeking development opportunities. We sincerely invite entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers from around the globe to come to Markham, Canada, to participate in this grand event, to embark on a new chapter of cooperation together, and to contribute to the new glory of global economic and trade development.

Let’s seize the opportunities in this era of change, create the future together, and promote the sustained prosperity and development of the global economy!

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