Who Are We?


Canada Universal Media Association (CUMA) is a national multicultural community led by market-leading companies who work to exchange, share and bring awareness towards daily topics that may impact our daily lives. CUMA is Canada’s news media industry’s foremost ideas-sharing network.

Based in Markham, Ontario, and led by Xinflix Media, CUMA has incorporated nearly 60 media outlets from different ethnic communities.

As a professional media outlet that has been covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, Xinflix Media has a unique influence to promote cultural and economic exchanges between China and Canada. Xinflix Media has been organizing a series of activities and programs for different ethnic communities using its media platform as well as its professional auditorium for the last ten years since it was founded; It has conducted in-depth cultural exchanges with various community associations in cooperation with its professionalism and language advantages.

Noteworthy Contributions