CUMA’s main objective is to work with its media members and business organizations to establish a valuable platform to expand cooperation, sharing and communication.

the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.

Through ongoing programs and events, CUMA hopes to enhance the integration and understanding of different ethnic communities, promote business exchanges and find ways to develop multiculturalism and to consolidate the bridge of communication.



To unite and represent the interest of all the members of the media that represent the minority groups in Canada by promoting social, cultural, and commercial integration.


CUMA's Role

The increasing number of newcomers keeps on changing the Canadian demographics almost daily, CUMA contribution to this challenge is to unify by creating media partnerships representing all different communities to encourage their participation to all different social, cultural, political and commercial events that will reshape the Canadian multiculturalism.

To effectively achieve these objectives, we need to enhance the importance of the ethnic press. Therefore, we have not only organized but also taken action to established multiculturalism.

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Great opportunity to promote not only your client’s products or services to other communities by posting and sharing blogs, videos, news, case studies, interviews, but you will also have the opportunity to promote your brand.

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If you are a News Media Company (digital or print, or both) that represents a visible minority group in Canada and you are seeking networking opportunities to make connections with like-minded people and teams and want to enhance your brand, your audience and access to resources that can help your Media company and your community, we would like you to join us.

There is NO ANNUAL FEE to become a CUMA member.

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