[Niagara Falls, 13th May 2024] -The highly anticipated “My Mulan” dance drama will debut in Niagara Falls this August, marking a significant milestone for the Canadian Mulan Culture Promotion Association and My Mulan Culture Inc. The press conference was attended by local leaders, sponsors, media representatives, and art enthusiasts, showcasing the collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication of all involved.

The Canadian Mulan Culture Promotion Association and My Mulan Culture Inc. are thrilled to bring this cultural masterpiece to the Niagara Falls community and share the rich heritage of Mulan with a wider audience. The producer, Mr. Hu Xu, emphasized collaboration, dedication, and the shared commitment to cultural enrichment and economic vitality. The event is highlighted as a remarkable opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the city’s cultural landscape. Gratitude is expressed to supporters, collaborators, and stakeholders with a call to embark on this journey with optimism, creativity, and determination. Director Li Lin emphasizes that Mulan’s spirit transcends cultural boundaries, making it relevant as an ancient Chinese story and as a narrative that resonates with modern girls from all backgrounds.

Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls, Mr. Tony Baldinelli, expressed his welcome and excitement for the My Mulan Dance Show coming to Niagara Falls, highlighting its significance in promoting cultural diversity and heritage.

Mayor Jim Diodati views “My Mulan” as a cultural gem. He welcomes its arrival in Niagara Falls, recognizing its potential to enrich the city’s cultural landscape and contribute positively to the community.

City Councillor Ms. Mona Patel expressed her enthusiasm for the My Mulan Dance Show, stating that she plans to bring her kids to experience the performance. She highlights the significance of this production as the first Chinese art performance with exceptional drama dance coming to Niagara Falls. She sees it as a fitting celebration for Asian Heritage Month, emphasizing the enduring spirit of Mulan in terms of courage, faith, and love.

The President of Niagara Falls Convention Centre, Mr. Noel Buckley, pledged full support for the Mc Mulan Dance Show and promised to assist to ensure its success at the venue.

“My Mulan” has received critical acclaim and has been praised for its stunning choreography and mesmerizing performances. Leading actors Kaelan, Leon, and Zhao Yang shared their thoughts and experiences portraying their respective roles in “My Mulan.” They committed to working closely with the entire crew to deliver the best performance possible.

Key production team members, including the director, choreographer, and leading actors, were introduced, each sharing insights into their roles and expressing their anticipation of bringing the timeless tale of Mulan to life on stage in an innovative and captivating manner.

Mr. Andy Horikawa, representing the DTS Supervisor, a long-term supporter and valued sponsor of our production, expressed their willingness to sponsor the show for the second year. They wish My Mulan’s debut in Niagara Falls a resounding success!

Mr. Mohamed Mujahid, the representative from Red Arrow, which is launching its new lines from Toronto to Niagara Falls, expressed gratitude for the serendipitous collaboration and emphasized the partnership’s significance as they embark on the journey towards the majestic Niagara Falls together this summer.

In a touching moment, it was revealed that the youth dance crew, led by Matthew Hu, initiated a fundraising campaign supporting SickKids Foundation as he celebrated his 16th birthday that day. Audience members were invited to contribute, further embodying the themes of courage and compassion central to the Mulan story. Additionally, Christina sang the original theme song, “Searching,” at the event, adding to the emotional resonance of the occasion.

All VIP guests participated in the official ticket-selling kickoff ceremony for My Mulan, marking a significant milestone in bringing the timeless tale of Mulan to life on stage. “We are thrilled with the success of today’s press conference,” said the director of MY Mulan, Mr. Hu Xu. “The overwhelming support from our partners, sponsors, and community members underscores the significance of ‘My Mulan’ as a cultural milestone. We look forward to continuing this journey and bringing this captivating production to audiences far and wide. Welcome, everyone! Make the pre-order now!”

The core cast outside the leading roles is selected through auditions from the best dancers in the Greater Toronto Area, martial arts masters, and international arts champions. My Mulan welcomes more talented multicultural dancers to the upcoming auditions!

For more information about “My Mulan” and sponsorship opportunities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 6478383268.

Where Ancient Legends Meet Modern Splendour

About “My Mulan”:  “My Mulan” is a riveting dance drama production that brings to life the timeless tale of Mulan, a courageous young woman who disguises herself as a man to join the army in place of her ailing father. Through captivating choreography, stunning visuals, and powerful storytelling, “My Mulan” celebrates themes of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of love and family.

Audition Announcement: “My Mulan” invites talented multicultural dancers to audition for core roles in the production, further enriching its diversity and vibrancy.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected] or call 647-838-3268.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this spectacular dance drama and be a part of this cultural celebration. For more information and ticket purchases, please visit the official website:


Performance Dates:

  • August 9 – 11 & 16-18

Location: Fallsview Theatre, Niagara Falls Convention Centre,6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 3Y9