This past Victoria Day weekend, the Erin Mills community engaged in two significant events that showcased the vibrant local spirit: the Erin Mills Family BBQ and the inaugural Mississauga Asian Heritage Family Portrait Day. Both events, orchestrated by Bill Ye, a dedicated community volunteer, were a resounding success, drawing commendations from community members.

Erin Mills Family BBQ Ushers in Summer

On Sunday, May 19th, 2024, Erindale Park, the largest park in Mississauga located at the heart of the city, played host to the Erin Mills Family BBQ. The event marked a return to the park’s lively summer atmosphere, featuring lush greenery and the serene flow of the Credit River. Over four hundred residents gathered to enjoy an array of multicultural dishes—from BBQ chicken and Indian samosas to Chinese fried noodles and Japanese sushi. The event not only met but exceeded expectations, with the community relishing the diverse flavors and the warm company.

Gardening Seeds Giveaway: Cultivating Community Ties

In conjunction with Victoria Day, often dubbed as the unofficial start to Canada’s gardening season, Bill Ye distributed gardening seeds to residents. This gesture was more than just a giveaway; it was a symbol of growth and community unity. “We grow seeds in our backyards, embracing our multicultural identity,” Bill Ye remarked.

First Mississauga Asian Heritage Family Portrait Day

The following day, May 20th, witnessed the first Mississauga Asian Heritage Family Portrait Day, turning the holiday into a grand family reunion. Reflecting Mississauga’s diverse demographic, the event celebrated Asian heritage with over a hundred families participating. Dressed in traditional attire, families posed for free portraits taken by professional photographers, capturing memorable moments.

The event also featured a talent show with local artists, including singer and music producer Sheldon Desouza, traditional Indian dancer Amirtha Raja, ancient Han dance, and Guzheng music, among others. The performances were well-received, highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of the community.

Community Feedback and Forward Look

Participants expressed great enthusiasm and appreciation for the well-organized festivities. Living in a digital age, events like these are vital in bringing families together to enjoy time offline, reinforcing Canada’s core family values.

As Erin Mills prepares for the upcoming year, Bill Ye’s dedication to community service continues to resonate.

Bill Ye, reflecting on the events, stated, “As a volunteer and organizer, I am committed to serving with a true public-minded heart. It’s about justice and being a champion for the residents.” Looking ahead, the community is excited for next year’s events, anticipating another successful gathering and further strengthening of community bonds.